Upholstery Cleaning

Besides carpet cleaning, we also provide an upholstery cleaning service. This service is one of our specialties, and we have some highly trained professionals dedicated to providing this special service. As you know, upholstery is sensitive to many types of cleaning products, and can easily be damaged, stained, or destroyed during the cleaning process. The problem is that upholstery is also one of the most popular materials for covering furniture, car seats, and many of our household items such as drapes and curtains are also composed of this sensitive material.


Upholstery is also very resilient with respect to ageing, in that is can last a long time if treated correctly. That is just one of the many reasons to get your upholstery cleaned, among some of the other reasons:


  • give your car seats a new look
  • improve the appearance of your furniture by removing stains, dirt, wear and tear looks, and other unsightly appearances
  • let your shades, drapes, and curtains look clean and professional by removing the drab look that dirt and debris poses.


Many people do not really consider upholstery items as part of their regular upkeep and maintenance, but it really should be a priority item that is cleaned at least every 6 months, and more often if there is heavy use.


The other issue with upholstery is that while being resistant to many materials, it can also stain when in contact with certain materials, and when this occurs, it is important to call for emergency cleaning services. Our specialised upholstery cleaning professionals know that the longer you wait for a stain on upholstery to set in, the longer it can be to remove the stain. However, we do have a range of total cleaning agents that can offer options for stain removal and upholstery cleaning even if your items haven’t been cleaned in years. So take a look at that couch, those car seats, and give us a call now to get the best in upholstery cleaning. We offer quick service, professional cleaning, and competitive rates.